When burned, every one of those 27 million gallons of jet fuel releases about 21 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Added up, all those planes flying to the Paris climate talks will release about 575 million pounds of CO2.

Researchers at the University of Toronto and Stanford decided to revisit the reams of data from psychological experiments demonstrating that money is just as corrupting a force as power and that high earners are selfish.

Instead, they suspected that being surrounded by vast economic inequality is what renders the economic elite less generous.

Irish News

Storm Clodagh's winds are dying down this evening but the cold is coming in, forecasters have warned. Met Eireann report blustery showers to continue and temperatures are set to drop tonight.

Independent TD Mick Wallace and Socialist Party TD Clare Daly are set to spend Christmas in prison after refusing to pay fines of €2,000 imposed on them for breaching security at Shannon Airport in July of last year. The original deadline set by Judge Durcan for payment of the fines expired on July 22 last.

Euro News

A German right-wing party is calling on Chancellor Angela Merkel to go, amid criticism of her handling of the migrant crisis. Eurosceptic “Alternative for Germany” – or AfD – has described the government’s approach as causing “asylum chaos.”

A Palestinian has been shot dead by Israeli border authorities after stabbing a police officer in Jerusalem. The incident, which was confirmed by a police spokesman, is the latest in a surge in violence in the region. The Palestinian is said to have stabbed the officer in the neck.